Right People, Right Now for the Workday Ecosystem
2018 Workday Compensation and Market Survey 
  • Compensation
    Compare salaries and bonuses in the U.S. Workday Ecosystem by region, employer type and more.
  • Increase Salary Earnings
    Learn what skills companies are having to paying a premium for. 
  • More than just salaries
    Discover what perks and benefits that job seekers crave 
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Some Key Findings
60% of respondents are extremely happy in the Workday ecosystem

28% of respondents are open to relocation currently with an additional 27% in the next 2 years
50% of Implementation Partner employees and Contractors work remotely while 14% of Workday Client employees are remote
55% of respondents have changed jobs in the past 3 years
Premium paid for those with Workday international project experience

Increase in base salary in having just 1 Certification versus none.

Increase in bonus earnings with 3-7 years Workday experience

Compensation difference between Directors with no certification and Managers with EM Certification

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